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Securing Your Data Center with DC-DR Solutions

We provide a comprehensive data centre recovery solution, from the initial assessment and planning, to the physical setup and execution of the recovery plan.

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Simple and reliable disaster recovery for all your applications

Our Data Centre Disaster Recovery (DCDR) services help protect your business from critical failures that affect your data centres. These failures can happen unexpectedly and they can affect anything from small backup systems to your mission critical data centres.

We understand that data centre disasters can result in complete loss of data and information assets that can threaten the very foundation of any business. It is imperative that a business needs to get back on track as soon as possible to avoid or reduce any financial losses due to such disasters. 

We have in a place a team of highly skilled data engineers who are capable of recovering your data post a disaster and get you back on your feet.

Build a Foundation for Your Disaster Recovery

VMware vSphere provides the best foundation for building disaster recovery solutions. With vSphere, you can reduce the cost of disaster recovery and simplify your disaster recovery plans. vSphere provides the following key capabilities to improve disaster recovery:


Hardware infrastructure can be consolidated at both the production and failover sites to reduce costs. The recovery hardware can also be used to run low-priority workloads including test and development environments.

Hardware independence:

Virtual machines are completely independent from their underlying hardware. Organizations can use older or less expensive hardware at the failover site to reduce costs.


On vSphere, the entire system—including OS, application, and data—is encapsulated as a set of virtual machine files. By replicating those files to the failover site, the entire system can be recovered in a fast single-step process, accelerating typical recovery times from an average of 40 hours down to an hour or less.

vSphere Replication

vSphere Replication is the industry's first hypervisor-based replication, purpose-built for vSphere and Site Recovery Manager. vSphere Replication is simple to manage and supports flexible Recovery Point Objectives of 15 minutes to 24 hours, replicating only changes for efficient network utilization.

Centralize Management and Automate Recovery

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager complements vSphere to ensure the simplest and most reliable disaster protection for all virtualized applications. vCenter Site Recovery Manager leverages cost-efficient vSphere Replication or storage-based replication to provide centralized management of recovery plans, enable non-disruptive testing, and automate site recovery and migration processes. vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides the following key capabilities:

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