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The Clustering Solution utilizes the Predictive Intelligence Clustering capability on a customer’s instance to determine Integration Hub Automation and Virtual Agent candidates as areas of improvement that could lead to cost savings and improved performance.

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The Clustering Solution process is comprised of five steps:

Predictive Intelligence Clustering

Predictive Intelligence is a platform function that has a layer of artificial intelligence that enables better work experiences for your users. Predictive Intelligence empowers classification, similarity, and clustering prediction capabilities across vCentriCloud applications. It builds a collection of words and phrases that functions as the vocabulary the system uses to compare your instance records based on their textual similarity.

Key Outcomes

After the clusters are made, the reviewer can identify use cases as candidates for automation. Recommended solutions can then be identified for those use cases. VcentriCloud capabilities can be used to prevent or deflect the volume of incidents and reduce the manual effort that is typically required to resolve. ITOM Pro – Health can be used to prevent incidents, and ITSM Pro – Virtual Agent and Integration Hub solutions can be used to deflect incidents.

What are the Benefits?

Clustering provides the following benefits:

Why Choose Us?

A high level of expertise and many years of experience have allowed VcentriCloud to create effective clustering solutions for the most demanding customers. Our experts profess an individual approach to each customer while paying attention to every aspect of the project. Each particular cluster solution uses hardware and software resources that best meet the specific task: the creation of clusters, databases, systems for balancing user loads, scalable farms of application servers, etc.
VcentriCloud can offer a cluster solution that is a comprehensive service that includes the whole range of works:

Complete can offer a cluster solution that is a comprehensive service which includes the whole range of works:

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